In 2014, the Maldonado family purchased Elite Red Brangus females from MBJ Ranch, OB Ranch, Fagan Ranch and Buffaloe cattle. By December the ranch was in production, starting with a artificial insemination program. JM Breeders has a unique blend of genetics of many different renowned herd like OB Red Bull. Trio's Yucatan and MBJ Cash. Ranch will have high quality animals that will be available to their US clients and to their clients in Mexico. JM Breeders has also an operation in Mexico.

As a family-owned seedstock operation, JM Breeders is totally dedicated to the production of quality beef from gate to plate. The use their experience in beef cattle breeding, with state-of-the-art technology and data management, to produce Red Brangus cattle that make unquestionable contributions to the beef cattle industry. As a family, they are optimistic about the beef industry and their role as seedstock breeders.

Maldonado Nursery, Landscape & Irrigation is an innovative design/build firm engaged in a wide range of project types that include the design and installation services of Texas native landscapes, themed landscapes, private estates, and commercial landscape and irrigation design and installation. Maldonado Nursery has more than 30 years experience in the landscape and irrigation field, with professionals that perform the highest quality of service. Our team has acquired en extensive amount of education and training in multiple aspects of the landscape and design industry. Maldonado Nursery blends the natural and social science of landscape design with the desire to enhance and activate people's daily lives through the design of functional and interactive environments.

Creative and innovative displays of water, light, unique plant specimen, and trees are some characteristics of Maldonado designs. Our commercial services can assist in planning the right landscape for your needs. Our landscape and irrigation departments offer irrigation design, irrigation installation and repair, and landscape design, landscape installation and repair. Maldonado Nursery crews use the most modern and proven techniques, which have given us a well established presence in South-central Texas. Let our knowledgeable staff show you how quality and experience can make a difference.

JM Breeders

Jorge Maldonado
120 E Zipp Rd.
New Braunfels, TX 78130